Sunday, October 20, 2013

This is Halloween

October is already halfway over, and each day brings us closer to Halloween (*cough, Candy Day, cough cough*).  To celebrate the upcoming holiday, for this post I'm going to talk about some favorite Halloween moments from television.  Halloween was always one of my favorite holiday's as a kid--I loved choosing a new costume every year, and carving pumpkins.  It was fun to go out after dark with some friends and Trick or Treat.  And on television, holidays often get their own special episodes.  : )

Yes, I carved the witch, my roommate carved the skull.

One of my favorite Halloween moments isn't from a traditional Halloween episode, per say, but it is from one of my favorite shows, involving one of my favorite comedians.  I'm talking about The Daily Show, and Stephen Colbert.  During a recurring debate segment called "Even Stevphen" Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell argue the merits of Halloween and trick-or-treating.  It's one of the funniest debates they engage in, and it still makes me laugh every time I watch it. Even Stevphen Halloween.

A great show for Halloween episodes is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  For a show about hunting vampires and demons, Halloween fit in perfectly with the overall atmosphere.  One of my favorite episodes is in season 2 when the Scooby Gang are taking groups of kids trick-or-treating, and due to a spell, the residents of Sunnydale become their Halloween costumes.  This leads to hilarious hijinks as Buffy becomes a swooning princess, Xander a combat solider, and my personal favorite, Willow becomes a ghost hooker. 

Who you gonna call?
The episode is hilarious and fun, and introduces one of the more interesting supporting characters in the Buffyverse, Ethan Rayne.  It's appropriately titled, "Halloween," and if you have a free hour I'd definitely recommend you give it a watch.

Another fun Halloween episode is found on the show Castle.  In season two we get the episode "Vampire Weekend," and it's still one of my favorite episodes from all 6 seasons of the show.  How can you not love it, when you have a Firefly reference in the first scene? 

And it just keeps getting better from there.  From the case of the week, a guy staked through the heart in a cemetery, to Ryan and Esposito bantering in the graveyard, to this:

It's Castle at its best and most entertaining. :) 

If you're more into the horror side of Halloween there's always Supernatural.  In the episode "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester," it opens with a gruesome scene involving razor blades that will make you think twice before eating your next piece of candy, and it doesn't stop there.  I liked how the episode gave an explanation for why people wear masks on Halloween, and of course, it maintains its sense of humor with scenes like Dean and the little kid trick-or-treating.

We also get to see Sam and Castiel meet for the first time, and any episode with Castiel in it, is automatically 100x more awesome.

So there you have it--just a short post today on some great Halloween episodes from television. Moving into November, I'm going to be talking about Doctor Who, in celebration of it's 50th anniversary! Can't wait. 

Fun Fact: Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas.  Probably because of all the CANDY!!! ARGH, MUNCHMUNCHMUNCH!

Happy Halloween everyone! TTFN! Ta Ta For Now. :)  

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