Sunday, May 17, 2015

Checking in With Some News

Hello faithful readers! I apologize for the length between has a way of just becoming extremely busy.  In the past few months, I have started yet another new job--though this one hopefully more permanent.  I'm working as a librarian again, and I love it.  I have missed what I loved most about working at my job as a librarian assistant, helping people to find the information they need.  In this case, that role has been expanded to helping readers find new books to read, and I really enjoy finding good recommendations for people of all sorts.

Me at my job.
However, these past few months, I have also been a neglectful blogger.  I have been searching for something that really sparks my interest, and something that would help me keep to a schedule--and last Friday, at the library, I stumbled across a book that jump-started a blog idea in my head.  The book I found, on my lunch break, eating a PB&J sandwich (because peanut butter and jelly is God's gift to humanity), was 501 Must-See Movies.

Blog Inspiration.
 My thought process went thusly:

Cool book!  I love movies! I want to see what they recommend. 

*Takes book from donation shelf*

I wonder if Lord of the Rings is in here? It better be.

*Goes back to table to finish my lunch*


*Opens book*

It would be really cool to watch every movie in this book....heeeeey, WAIT A MINUTE!

I could watch a movie a week and blog about it! 

*Flips through Sci-Fi/Fantasy section*

Where the f*ck is Lord of the Rings?!

So my idea for a blog was born.  I spent the rest of Friday and Saturday hashing out some specific details.  Now I know a lot of my readers are cinephiles, and so I have a question for you.  Right now I am thinking that I shall create a brand new blog, solely dedicated to this epic movie watching undertaking.  However, that would mean the Casual Geek would probably fade into the dusty archives of the internet.  I am open to continuing to post here, on the Casual Geek, with the understanding from my readers that the subject content is going to change--though I like the idea of posting the occasional off-topic geeky blog post.  Which would you prefer as my beloved readers?  A new blog?  Or keepin' on here?  If no one responds I will probably flip a coin to decide.

I make all my major decisions this way.
I plan to have a opening post, detailing the specifics of how I'm going to approach my reviews  of the films, as well as the title of the first film I will be watching.  I plan to post the next's week film with each blog post, so that way, if you want to watch along, you can.  I am really excited--I have been flipping through the book and there are some classic movies I have never seen that I am super looking forward to (though the horror movies not so much).  I feel that with a clear goal in mind (watch all 501 movies) that will help me keep to a clear schedule, and will more importantly, give my blog a focus and drive that I feel it has been lacking.  I also think it will be a lot of fun.  I plan to invite friends to join me to watch films and hopefully guest blog with me.  I think most of you realize by now how much I love movies, and so I am excited to challenge myself to watch every film in this book.

So those are my plans for my future blogging career.  I will be checking in next week, with either my opening post here, or a post with a link to the new blog.

Fun Fact: It's gonna take around 10 years (10 YEARS!!!) to watch all 501 movies.


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